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January 18, 2009
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Prophecy Completed by CopperdragonArt Prophecy Completed by CopperdragonArt
First completed picture with the tablet!
I decided to take a break from my dog prortait...and also that it was time for Prophecy to be come the official leader of my herd. :D

The brisk breeze picking up Prophecy’s mane and tail helped to calm his nerves. He took a deep breath, looking up toward the sun. Tipping back his muzzle, he drank the soft air and flared his nostrils, huffing slightly.

“Nervous, Prophecy?” Onyx’s firm, calm voice rumbled through the air. “I know how you feel, but there is really no need for it. You are ready, I know it.” The big black stallion paused, stepping closer to his young pupil. “I’m proud of you for what you’ve accomplished these last months...and I never doubted once you would fail.”

“At least one of us has some confidence.” Prophecy gave a humourless snort. “I know I’ll mess up something.”

“Let your instincts guide you, and be the stallion you are at heart,” Onyx advised. “Forget the part of you that thinks of failure.”

Prophecy looked at him, shifting his weight from hoof to hoof. Finally his mouth twitched. “You’re right as always. I’ll to my best.”

“That’s all we ask.” Onyx snorted a puff of warm air across Prophecy, showing his approval. “Now, it’s time we began.” He strode away through the grass, neck held at a comfortable angle.

Prophecy raised his head to watch his mentor’s progress. Onyx paused, looking over the herd grazing restlessly nearby, and turned to face the distant mountain range.

“Let the herd gather together,” he said in a strong voice. “Come, each of you, to witness the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. Come.”

Murmuring excitedly, the horses circled to stand in a crescent shape around Onyx so that Prophecy stood between the two points. They whisked their tails and picked up their hooves, transferring the spirit of energy throughout the herd. Prophecy could taste it too, and shook out his mane in anticipation. He glanced around at all the familiar faces, lingering on Rhynn’s excited eyes. She gave him a proud look of encouragement. Wolffax at her side half reared up, flashing her dark mane high.

Onyx pawed the ground with one heavy hoof. “We are one herd,” he began. “And we share one spirit. But to be truly united, we must have a stallion to watch over us all, so that we may graze in peace. For many months we have lived without this security...but we can now live without fear.”

Prophecy felt a thrill, half apprehension of the weight of such responsibility. But he suddenly realized that more than anything he wanted it, and felt that he had the power in his legs and heart to take it. He flexed his neck and faced Onyx proudly, squaring his hooves as he looked down at the herd.

Onyx raised his head high. “ Prophecy, do you accept the responsibility and honour of being our lead stallion?”

Prophecy looked on steadily, but his heart pounded inside of him like galloping hooves as he answered. “I do.”

“And do you, horses of the herd, accept Prophecy as your guardian?”

“We do!” came Wolffax’s shrill whinny, and her voice was echoed by every horse gathered.

“Then I name Prophecy lead stallion, and protector and caretaker for all of us.” Onyx pounded his fore-hooves solidly into the grass. “ Prophecy, give us a name!”

Prophecy inhaled the fresh breeze, closing his eyes briefly before replying. “For the wind that circles the mountaintops, the sun that heats the earth and makes the grass bright, I name the herd under my protection the Equinox Herd. Remember the name, and know that as long as I am here I will do all in my power to keep you safe.”

“Equinox...” the name echoed around the herd like a breeze in dry summer grass. Rhynn’s eyes glowed as she looked at Prophecy’s warm coat. Her dream of so many months ago had come true – the Equinox Herd was protected by a powerful chestnut lead stallion. The prophecy was fulfilled.


Prophecy, artwork, text and all characters (c) by me, Copperdragon.
Referenced from [link] (c) by ~showcasestock
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